Suvid Solutions Pvt Ltd

Industrial Vacuum Blower Manufacturers

Standing out from the Traditional Centrifugal Blower used for Manufacturing Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, We Suvid Solutions Private Limited use Side Channel Blowers in offering our Industrial Vacuum or Dust Collectors. The Industrial Blower or Side Channel Blowers used in our machines offer High Airflow and High Vacuum which is highly suitable for collecting both Composite and non-composite dust particles. Our Industrial Blowers are highly reliable and can withstand any tough conditions and usage.

Our Blowers are very compact in design and side and can be used for all types of Industrial Vacuum cleaners or Dust collectors. The Air Blowers used in our machines are within the industry decibel standards. These Side-channel Blowers are tried and tested in all type of industry and is known for its reliability. The Blowers are completely maintenance-free as the Impellers are directly fitted to the motors and have limited moving parts.

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