SV Series

Heavy-Duty Industrial, Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

SV Series 7.5 Regular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is designed for Continuous rated and heavy duty applications across any type of Industrial cleaning requirements. The machine comes with a Three phase side channel blower along with filer with large filter surface area providing a silent and efficient vacuum and airflow for various Heavy duty applications in industries such as Process, Automobiles, Foundries, Manufacturing, Food & Pharma, Chemical etc.,

The Unique design of the Filter system ensures longer running time without the need of cleaning the filter and comes along with a Mechanical filter shaker for hassle free filter cleaning as and when required by the Operator without the need of opening the filter chamber or collection container.
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The Robustly constructed frame with heavy duty steel can withstand any kind of tough environments and the Detachable drop down type dust containers fitted with sturdy castor wheels ensures that this machine can be deployed in varied applications and it is easy to handle.

Due to its versatility and endurance, SV Series 7.5 Series machine can be used in any on line vacuum system or in any customized centralized vacuum system as per the requirements. 

Silent & efficient blower:

The Machine is built with a compact side channel blower for delivering optimum performance. The blower is highly efficient and yet it is very silent and maintenance free.

Continuous Rated:

The side channel blower used in this model is a 5.5 KW continuous rate blower ideally suitable for using longer hours and in varied applications.


The Star type polyester (Class M) provide a very large filter surface area of 30000 cm² for effective filtration and longer running hours without filter cleaning. The Mechanical filter shaker system allows the operator to clean the filter without use of any tools.

 Robust Construction:

The Machine is built with high grade robust steel and whole body is powder coated for better protection against corrosion and any abrasive usage. The Chassis is mounted on a High quality wheels for easy maneuverability and convenience.

Collection container:

The detachable drop-down collection container is highly suitable for any type of material collection and the collected material can be easily disposed thanks to its quality castor wheels fitted at the bottom for better handling.

Vacuum Gauge:

The vacuum gauge fitted in a visible location helps us to monitor the machine performance and filter clogging and helps us in maintaining the optimum performance of the machine.

Sturdy and easy to handle:

The ergonomically design of the machine provides us a sturdy and compact machine which is easy to handle and maneuver across various application areas with ease.

Optimum usage of the container:

The cyclonic separator system helps us to use the container to its full capacity and ensures all the heavy particles are settled down at the bottom and only the flying dust hit the filter, protecting it from any kind of sharp objects.

Silent & Maintenance free:

Compared with the traditional universal motor based vacuum cleaners, it is very silent and absolutely maintenance free.

Vacuum Relief valve:

The vacuum relief valve protects the machine from over loading and causing any damage to the blower due to any over load or blockage in the suction hose.


The Machine can be ideally customized for various on – line applications or can be designed as a Centralized Vacuum system as per the application needs.

Easy to handle Accessories:

The machine comes with the standard accessories to help us in doing the all-round job expected out of this machine.

Accessories Kit: 40/50 mm dia

1. Hose (3 mtrs)
2. Double bend
3. Dry floor tool
4. Crevice nozzle
5. Round brush

DescriptionUnitSV Series 7.5
Voltage V415
Electrical Protection IP55
Insulation Class ClassF
Rated Power KW5.5
Air Flowm3/h600
Vacuum Max mm H2O3600
Noise Level dB(A) 76
Container CapacityLitres110
Filter Type TypeStar
Filter Surfacecm230000
Filter MaterialPolyester
Filter Class L
Dimension (LxWxH) cm122x68x143
WeightKg 150