Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

We Suvid Solutions Private Limited is a trusted manufacturing company in the field of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners suitable for various sectors like Manufacturing , Process Industries, Railways, Textiles, Food & Pharma and many more. Our Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are indigenously designed & Manufactured with our customers applications and usage into perspective. Our machines are Heavy duty & Continuous rated is not only available as stand alone but also can be customized into a On line vacuum system or a Centralized vacuum system based on the customer requirements and applications ensuring the best value for their Investment.

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SV Series 3.0 Slim

industrial vacuum cleaner

SV Series 3.0 Vertical

heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners

SV Series 7.5 Regular

Features of SUVID Industrial Vacuum Cleaner India

Side Channel Blower – The Unique and light weight continuous rated Side channel blowers ensures that the machine is reliable for using longer hours without any maintenance.

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Large Container Volume – The machine comes with 120 liters container useful in the areas of large volume collection and continuous usage.

ConstructionThe Machine is built with doubly powder coated robust steel ensuring sturdiness and longevity

Mechanical Filter Shaker  The Mechanical Filter Shaker provided in the side helps us to agitate and clean the filter during usage to ensure hassle free performance of the Machine.

Vacuum Gauge The Machine is displayed with a easily understandable Vacuum Gauge display for the operator to understand the current performance of the blower and take appropriate action whenever there is any abnormality.