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We, Suvid Solutions Private Limited, an aspiring company offer a range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in India using reliable and proven Side Channel Industrial Blowers with the capacity ranging from 2.2 KW to 5.5 KW  and many more higher capacity models in pipeline to be released soon. The Industrial Vacuum Cleaners manufactured by us are with a State of art design, tried and tested in various tough conditions to ensure product reliability and utmost customer satisfaction. Our Industrial Vacuum Cleaners can be used in almost all areas where we need to use Vacuum Cleaners to remove dust or any other particles. The Industrial Blowers used by us are imported from a reliable source to withstand any tough applications.

Our range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners can be widely used for any Stand-alone Vacuum Cleaner applications, On- line Vacuum cleaner requirements, Portable Dust Collectors, Industrial Blowers. Moreover, we also offer customized solutions based on the customer’s needs and preferences.

In addition to the above, we also offer our Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in Stainless Steel version based on the Specific requirements from the customer.

We look forward for your valuable support and patronage to become one of the Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners manufacturers in India in the near future and in turn we assure that the Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and the solutions offered by us will be of great value to you.

Industry We Serve For

Process Industry

Our Industrial vacuum Cleaners  with Side channel Blowers are ideally suitable for deploying in several of process Industries including Cement, Iron & Steel , Chemical etc., can be offered either as Stand Alone or Customized Solutions such as Online vacuum systems or as Centralized Vacuum System concepts depending on the requirements.

Manufacturing Industry

We offer Industrial vacuum Cleaners, Dust Collectors and Dust extraction systems required at various stages in a production line including Press shop, Machine Shop, Assembly line, Paint shop, Stores, Wiring panels etc., for eliminating dust and other particles for improving and ensuring a cleaner & safe work environment. Our machines are ideally suitable for cleaning any type of Dry or wet dust from a CNC or any Automatic machines.

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Textile Industry

Heavy Duty industrial vacuum cleaner for Bulk collection of cotton fluff or loose cotton dust in various areas of a Textile industry including, Blow Room, carding, Simplex, Spinning, Sizing, Weaving, Dyeing & Garment sections are available with  most cost effective solutions.

Automobiles & Auto Ancillaries

Our Industrial vacuum cleaning solutions available with us are ideally suitable for ensuring a Zero Dust policy at your shop floor. Apart from our Stand alone models for both Dry and Wet applications, we also offer Online vacuum systems or Centralized vacuum Systems depending on the requirement at your Press shop, Welding area, Assembly shop, Paint shop, Stores etc.,


Our Machines are designed to handle any type of tough dust and environment and recommended for cleaning in any type of Foundries shop floor , cleaning of moulds, cleaning of finished products etc.,.


To be the Leading Solution provider of RELIABLE & QUALITY Industrial Cleaning Requirements to our customers across various sectors.


We at SUVID Solutions strive to offer right solutions to our customers – thereby improve our customer’s productivity, profitability and help to keep their environment Clean & Safe.

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